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About Us

Our Mission

The main and constant objective of the members of our medical team is projected over the facilitation of a quality professional veterinary service, the assurance of an adequate level of diagnostic and treatment, and the guarantee of an effective communication with pet owners.

Carballo Animal Clinic is an impeccably clean and organized medical facility which was built and modernly equipped in 2008. A big part of the family of the clinic’s founder, Dr. Oscar W. Carballo Sr. works in it, including his younger son, Doctor in Veterinary Medicine Oscar Carballo Jr., and his wife, Ileana Martin-Carrera, Doctor in Human Medicine. In a jovial and collaborative atmosphere, the professionals at Carballo Animal Clinic work with respect and dedication towards the animals and their owners. The main objective of the members of our medical team is to provide professional care to the animals and proper treatment of them. The owners will be treated with the honesty and respect that they deserve. The team will do whatever is necessary to accomplish the task of making sure the animal is comfortable and that they will recieve the proper treatment.


  • Annual Check-Up Exam
  • Immunizations & Wellness Care
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Laser Treatments
  • Pain Management
  • In-House Diagnostics Test
  • Elective & General Surgeries
  • General Dentistry
  • Euthanasia Service
  • Fleas, Tick & Heart Worms Preventive

Clients Testimonials

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  • Dr. Oscar W. Carballo Sr. Veterinary

    Dr. Oscar W. Carballo Sr. graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine of Havana University in 1976 in Havana, Cuba. He obtained a PhD in Maintenance and Reproduction of Laboratory Animals in Highly Controlled Environments from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, Germany, in 1990, founded in 1778. The School of Veterinary Medicine of Hanover figures among the three oldest veterinary schools in the world. Dr. Carballo Sr. was one of the first Cuban veterinarians who obtained a scientific degree from Western Germany. In 2001, he passed the United States National Board of Veterinary exam, which conferred him his license to practice in this country. Dr. Carballo Sr.’s purpose, apart from providing serious professional work, is educating pet owners on the proper general handling and care of their animals so they can enjoy a healthy and pleasant life. Every Tuesday, for over three years now, at 6:50 am, during the morning news on channel 23, Dr. Carballo develops a short, live segment called “Love towards Your Pet”, where he answers questions viewers formulate about the maintenance and care of their animals.

  • Dr. Ileana Martin-Carrera. Veterinary

    Dr. Ileana Martin-Carrera, who is Dr. Oscar W. Carballo Sr.’s wife, and mother of Dr. Oscar Carballo Jr., concluded her studies in human medicine and graduated in 1976, in Cuba. She also obtained a PhD from Le Charité University Hospital, in Berlin, Germany, in 1982. Dr. Martin-Carrera was one of the first Cuban women that received a scholarship from the Alexander Von Humboldt Stiftung/Foundation to develop a research project in Hanover’s School of Medicine (MHH), Germany. She also worked for over ten years as a medical technologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida. Now Dr. Martin-Carrera is in charge of all the laboratory testing and lab work in general, as well as the majority of all the administrative operations of the facility. An unconditional pet lover, Dr. Martin-Carerra constantly imprints a particular and distinctive touch of attention and care towards the animals, which has allowed, among a series of other factors, a standard growth rate of almost three new patients a day during the years the clinic has been in business.

  • Dr. Oscar Carballo Jr. Veterinary

    Dr. Oscar Carballo Jr. was a competitively selected student to be admitted into one of the 27 schools of veterinary medicine in the United States, the prestigious and well-known School of Veterinary Medicine of Auburn, Alabama, where he graduated from in May, 2011. Dr. Carballo Jr. is one of the 6250 graduate students in 119 years of history of this university which is the seventh oldest in our country. This young veterinarian of 29 years of age is a placid individual with a high sense of responsibility and dedication to his job; doting and respectful towards patients and clients, Dr. Carballo Jr. is a veterinarian loved by every single pet owner that has brought an ailing animal to him.

  • Valentina Camacho Veterinary Technician

    Miss. Camacho is a dedicated college student who started working as a volunteer at Carballo Animal Clinic three years ago. She is an incredibly efficient employee, and continuously performs all assigned tasks with care and enthusiasm. She is a young, sweet lady, and animal lover who possesses a great disposition and collaborates with us in all pet-care activities on a daily basis.

    Iraida Torres Office Staff

    Ms. Iraida Torres assists in the reception area . She has been part of the team for more than five years. Ms. Torres provides invaluable service every day with her warm, friendly, and pleasant manners. Service developed by effectively taking calls and visits clients and their pets. We can say that she is one of the main contributors to sustained growth of customers and patients we've had through the years.