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    9:00am - 7:00pm
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Carballo Animal Clinic Video
Carballo Animal Clini Video


We provide emergency treatment during regular service hours. After hours, if you call our clinic, you will obtain the all the appropriate and necessary information for your pet's emergency.

(305) 552-9121

Are You In Search of a Good, High-Quality Animal Clinic?

High quality professional veterinary care, the assurance of a high level of diagnostic and treatment, and the guarantee of helpful, effective communication with pet owners.

Annual Check Up

This visit once a year allows making a physical check up of the patients and performing necessary exams according to their age, state of health or any other issue concerning their state of well-being.

Immunization and Prevention

Often times, prevention will be more important than treatment. We have adequate vaccines for protection against major diseases and advanced testing that provide accurate information of a patient health.


After diagnosing and identifying the problem, we must render the best treatment posible. We have the best technical and human resources to do the job and get the best results in each case.


Diagnosing is the most important aspect when performing quality service. We have the equipment and professional knowledge to reach medical conclusions.

Technological Resources

We have high-quality equipment, fully automated, capable of rendering reliable and safe results in a short period of time, powered by IDEXX technology.

Special services

We have highly advanced equipment to perform innovative scientific treatments such as stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, dental radiology, etc.

Our Specialists Awards

Auburn University - Hannover University of Veterinary Medicine.

Vet Veterinary Auburn University
Vet University Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Our Medical Team

Our Medical Team top priority is you and your pet. Which means you get the service you deserve with accuracy you can trust.

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