Diseases Prevention

Diseases Prevention

Disease prevention and owner education will always be a valuable fact for a healthy life of a pet.

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Diseases Prevention

Complete Physical Exam

Comprehensive, hands-on exam to evaluate the overall health/physical condition of a patient in order to detect subtle clinical signs which could be indications of underlying disease processes. For example, heart murmurs (leakage of a heart valve) that could indicate cardiac disease; limping, which could be caused by torn ligaments or arthritis; gingivitis (inflamed gums), that could be a sign of periodontal disease.

Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs

Vaccinations are an efficient way to protect pets from diseases that can be deadly. Carballo Animal Clinic uses the best quality vaccines for cats and dogs.

Internal/External Parasites Prevention

Parasites are highly dangerous because they could bring serious health problems to pets. Many lethal diseases are transmitted by parasites, and they can spread between animals and humans. Prevention and control is very important for the health of pets and owners.

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