Specialized Services

Specialized Services

We provide specialty services for pets upon requests. We are a full service clinic dedicated to caring for your four-legged family members.

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Specialized Services

We provide certain specialty services upon request. Carballo Animal Clinic is a Veterinary Clinic for all of your animal care needs, offering a wide range of specialist care and services.

CT Scan Diagnostics

Computerized tomography provides multiple images of the interior organs and provides thin cross-sectional slides to be examined.


Fluoroscopy involves a dynamic imaging for evaluation of the selected anatomical region. For example, for diagnosis of tracheal collapse, swallowing problems etc.

Echocardigraphy (Cardiac Ultrasound)

It is a procedure that by means of ultrasound allows visualization of the interior of the heart, therefore it is used to evaluate multiple anatomical and functional characteristics. of the heart. It is the gold-standard for the diagnosing and treating heart disease.